My farewell to footy

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Well everyone I suppose this is not a surprise. I told you I’d retire when Pav did and I have. My only regret is that maybe I’ve taken a bit of attention away from him – oh, in case you haven’t heard, Matthew Pavlich has retired from the AFL – just like me.


My fans mean everything to me so I thought I’d go out by answering a few of the many questions people have been asking me after my amazing career as the first dog chosen in the AFL Canine Draft.

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The poetry of Ross Lyon

Hello everyone. Sorry about the start of the year. Perhaps you’re wondering what’s going on… well I think I know.

FJumperRoss is the only coach I’ve known in my AFL career and it’s the same for most of the players and I know the game plan like the bottom of my food bowl. This summer I felt really comfortable… too cosy… and I found myself nodding off in the meetings. Ross’s words are like soothing poetry… Continue reading