Bloody magpies

FrankieMagpie1Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately. I needed a break and I enjoyed it. Me and a few of the boys went down south and didn’t do much. We went to the gym in Dunsborough, looked at the surf, did Pilates, went to Caves House and drank water and I got a lot of sleep as usual.

Everything was sweet until I went for a light run in a park in Busselton. I was minding my own business when BANG – bloody magpies. Swooping down and trying to pluck my eyes out or something. Why are they so angry?

Ross had a talk to us about the break. “You’re not chihuahuas,” he said. We knew what he meant. No we didn’t but we nodded our heads as usual. But when I was at the park with stupid magpies flapping around and accusing me of wanting to look in their nests or whatever I thought to myself Frankie, it’s lucky you’re not a chihuahua cos if you were one of those magpies would have picked you up and taken you away. That’s what makes Ross such a great coach.

So I’m looking forward to the game. Thursday night in the park. And the chance to swoop a few magpies. This time I’ll have a few big mates with me – let’s see how the Magpies like that.


You might remember we’ve talked about magpies before. They’re not getting any smarter.

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