Me and Pav playing on

Me thinking about my future.

Me thinking about my future.

I’m going to play on for the Dockers in 2016.

A lot of people asked about my intentions at the end of the season I suppose because of my age (14 next February which is pretty old even in Pav years) and because, while I had a good season and finished well up in the Fido voting, it was below my usual amazing standards

It’s a decision I took very seriously. Retiring and playing on were toing and froing in my mind along with eating, sleeping and seeing if there was anything else to eat. It didn’t necessarily come to me straight away. I had thorough discussions with Ross Lyon who, by the way, said he was sorry about calling me fat when I was just fluffy.

I needed to ensure the decision being made was the right one and it suited the football club, myself and my family. I had some really good conversations with my mum and, more recently, with my dad, who would have been a champion player but was too dedicated to his work.

Oh, and I was always going to do what Pav did.

More prizes coming up for me.

More prizes coming up for me.

After a few weeks off I’m feeling a bit competitive so this week I’m gonna have a go at Scruffs (just for a laugh, yeah sure) – I think I should win ‘oldest dog’ and ‘cutest puppy’ and once again do something no other dog has done before. I’d win best haircut if they gave for classic styles but I bet one of those dreadlocky things wins it.

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