Mixing with the fans


Well the pre-season is hotting up. Today for example I did beach running, swimming, waits, breakfast and sleeping. Sounds hard I know but when the season is underway you’re happy you did the work  – you can’t have the AFL body, elite fitness and elite skills if you just sit around over the summer.

Part of being an AFL star is doing things for others.

On Wednesday night, for example, I was the guest of honour at a gathering of writers and readers of The Footy Almanac 2015. These are the kind of people who just sit around all summer so there wasn’t an AFL body in sight (except maybe my dad who was there and would have been a footy star but was too dedicated to his work and therefore almost has an AFL body in parts).


Most of the people were a bit overawed at meeting me obviously but I did have a good chat with the youngest (and smartest) writers Josh and Poppy who both said I was their favourite player along with Son Son, Pav, Barra, Hilly and Fyfey. I told them some stories about the boys that I can’t repeat here.

There were Eagles supporters there and one of the nice things the organisers did was to have the 2015 Grand Final playing on a big screen all night.

There was food but I didn’t eat any because 1. it was sausages and I don’t eat them on account of being an AFL star and 2. no one dropped a bloody thing.

KnackerActionThe Footy Almanac is my favourite book of the year and the best writers are, in my opinion, Poppy, Josh, Uncle Sean Gorman, Mr Z, Dianne Waddingham and Steve Johnston. I once told dad I’d bite Peter_B if I ever met him and I did last night. Now I’m looking forward to meeting Rick Kane.

Oh well, back to waits room.

Merry Christmas from your favourite player.

2 thoughts on “Mixing with the fans

  1. I think you are overrated Frankie – just playing as a wide receiver is not enough – I want you to win your own ball this year.

    • Haters gotta hate.
      I think I know who you are Mr White Fluffy Little Thing Who Didn’t Get Drafted Because You Didn’t Get Elite Level Guidance From Home. Mmmm? RR!
      I look forward to meeting you on the inside.

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