The Dockers: a year in art by Frankie

Ross has been different this year. Dreamy and poetic and arty.

This week at the review he began by apologising to the players for shouting at them at quarter time at the Docklands. “It was my fault you weren’t ready to play,” he said, “I shouldn’t have left you in your rooms on your own all afternoon.”

I think some of the boys are worried we might start staying in a dormitory on our away games.

Then he turned to all the injured players. “While the rest of us are being open and honest, but not hurtful, about the Saints game there’s something I want the red group to do.” (The injured players wear red jumpers at training, that’s why we’re called the red group.)

“I want to get your feedback on the season so far and the game plan,” Ross said. “But I want you to express yourself artistically.”

Even Pav looked puzzled as he watched us limp out of the meeting room. Suma was in the common room where there were crayons and butchers’ paper and paints and magazines and cameras. “You can do what you like,” Suma said and walked out to the creche to work with the rookies.

Barra didn’t think he’d be doing things like this when he became captain but he showed some leadership. “This could be important going forward. Let’s get on with it.”

Sandi was muttering a bit but he seemed to have an idea and went off on his own. Fyfey said, “I think this might be good for my brand.” Then Harley said something quiet to Shane Yarran and Barra and the three of them got into a group. Johnno’s pretty good at art so he just grabbed some crayons. And I knew exactly what I wanted to say. The young blokes just watched before getting started.

Here are some of the results….


Calves 2016 by Harley Bennell, Shane Yarran & David Mundy


My 2016 by Aaron Sandilands


My leg by Nat Fyfe


Waiting to train by Michael Johnson


The 2016 game plan by Frankie

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