My farewell to footy

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Well everyone I suppose this is not a surprise. I told you I’d retire when Pav did and I have. My only regret is that maybe I’ve taken a bit of attention away from him – oh, in case you haven’t heard, Matthew Pavlich has retired from the AFL – just like me.


My fans mean everything to me so I thought I’d go out by answering a few of the many questions people have been asking me after my amazing career as the first dog chosen in the AFL Canine Draft.

Q. Who is your favourite Docker? (MP from Freo)

Matthew Pavlich because he gave me a lift to the footy and let me come around to his place when we were rested from the team. And I loved causing mayhem in the forward line with Son Son and Ballas. And I liked running fast with Hilly when I was younger.

Q. Would you still like Ballas if he went to the Eagles? (HB from Coogee)

I don’t like Eagles.

Q. Who is the best player to travel with? (Marco from China)

Big Sandi because you can sleep on his foot on the plane and he doesn’t even know.

Me and my nephew Pretzel. He's "promising".

Me and my nephew Pretzel. He’s “promising”.

Q. Hi. My name is Pretzel and you’re my aunty aren’t you? Do you think I could be an AFL player? (Pretzel from Freo)

Well you certainly look like an AFL player but I think you need more discipline.

Q. Who is the funniest Docker? (Nat from South Freo)

Micky B thinks he is.

Q. Who is the best singer at the Dockers? (Bruce from NJ)

Me. But Son Son’s pretty good cos he sings country songs not that rap crap.

Q. Who is the best poet at the Dockers? (Byron)

Ross Lyon is the best poet in the world.


Q. What the #@%! are you doing Frankie. Pav’s gone now you, just a dog act Frankie. Devastated. (R from Gossie)

Technically that’s not a question R but thanks for your support. But see the next question.


Q. Was the time you peed on Nic Nat’s foot the best memory after running rings around him? (Gretel from Safety Bay)
I like Nic Nat but that was pretty funny. That Shuey one said, “That’s a dog act Frankie!” And me, Ballas and Son Son all ducked our heads and said, “Quack”.
Is it true that you are thinking of coaching the new girls’ team? (Gretel from Safety Bay)
No Gretel, I couldn’t coach because I’m no good at poetry and I sleep too much. But I’ll be barracking for the Dockers and Michelle Cowan.
Q. If another club came and offered you a big pile of mince would you make a comeback? (Curious from West Coast, wherever that is)

Good question. No. But I’d eat the mince.


Q. You didn’t play much this year. Do you think that was bad for the team. (Luke Mc, East Fremantle)

Obviously. But I was glad to be able to get up for the last game and bark directions so the ball went from Spunky Lachie to Young Darcy to Mayney to The Pig to Ballas to Yaz to Pav for his 700th goal.


Q. You once said you used to do wees on the ground to help with understanding structures. Did you ever do a poo? (Gobbler, Boulder)

No. Well, maybe once in a derby as a statement. Maybe twice.


Q. Heard a rumour you’re looking at going to the Bulldogs. True or false? (Michael, Spain)
Yes. I’ve heard that one. But for a little doggie four years is a long career, even in Pav years, and anyway I’m a Docker.
Q. Has the AFL Canine Draft been a success ? (Neil, Aireys Inlet)
Well for me it has because now I’m famous. But most dogs don’t have the full skill-set like me – you need leap, speed, bark, bump, ball skill, hunger and cuteness. Some dogs have some of them but I’ve got them all (well except speed these days). It was Andrew Dejmetridog’s idea but I think Gil McDoghlan is “reviewing” it.

Q. How will you spend your time now that you’re not an AFL star? (Louie, Freo)

A. It’s important to keep busy and have a routine. So my days will be like this: walk at the beach, breakast, sleep, morning tea, sleep, lunch, sleep, afternoon tea, sleep, bit of a walk, dinner, sleep. My best skill is sleeping.

Thanks everyone. I love you almost as much as you love me. xxxx

4 thoughts on “My farewell to footy

  1. Hi Leighton
    Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been asleep – I always have a nap after lunch. And look, it’s afternoon tea time. Gotta go.


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